Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
If you can’t find an answer to your questions from these below, you can always write to us at
Invites & Registrations

Why do we need invites to register?

DesignUp Reboot is for experienced practitioners. Design, Product and Business leaders who are tasked with leading new initiatives, leading innovation charters, teams and complex projects. Reboot is a deep dive into eclectic tools, methods and processes of working to create visible impact. So we essentially keep the group sharp and focused by shortlisting only the folks who are most likely to benefit. Therefore the invite system!

How do I get invited - and eventually register?

You can apply for an invite here. We will review your application and keep you updated, along with the details for making the payment. Once the payment is made we will confirm acceptance of your application. And you’re all set for Reboot!

How many invites are there?

We have only 40 invitees. Unfortunately, this number cannot be increased. As of now, we have more than 5x requests for invites. 

Why does Reboot cost so much?

Reboot is less expensive than travelling to a conference in US/EU with hotel, transfers, local transport, food and registration all added up. No cold salads, no investment in a new jacket, or frozen fingers 😉


Reboot is for longer – 4 nights, at a 5 star beach resort with all amenities and inclusions. It includes everything from transfers to dinners, talks and workshops. Doesn’t include spa treatments but fabulous sunsets, stellar company and a gorgeous setting are all included!

Travel & Venue

As an attendee, what travel arrangements do I have to make?

You just need to book your flight tickets and visa. That’s all. We will take care of your airport transfers, travel, stay and food during the retreat days.

Sites such as MakeMyTrip or GoIbibo will consolidate and offer you a range of fares and flight times across airlines.

Once booked, email us your flight details and we will send you details regarding your airport pickup and transfer. If you want to extend your travel – or come in early, that’s something you’d need to prepare and pay for. And it’s exciting as Sri Lanka has a lot to offer.

What dates should I book my flights for?

You are required to be at Anantara on 26th April. The conference would conclude on the evening/night of 29th April. Your stay at Anantara ends on Monday 30th April after breakfast. Please book your flights/travel accordingly.

Do I require a Visa?

All participants coming from outside Sri Lanka require an ETA. You can obtain an ETA online at There is a fee of USD 20. Once applied carry the print out confirmation along with your return air ticket to pass smoothly through immigration and customs at Colombo.

What Items do I need to bring along?

Sunscreen and shades for sure! April in Sri Lanka is hot – so a wide-brimmed cap would help too. Laptop or iPad may be handy but we encourage you to disconnect.The resort provides you with a range of personal products from shower gel to beach slippers to umbrellas (it’s close to the equator so it can rain pretty much every day for a bit). We will provide you with any online or offline material required for the activities.
Invoices, Refunds, Add-ons and more

How can I buy more than 1 ticket?

Our payment gateway restricts you to booking one single pass or one twin-sharing pass. For multiple tickets, payment must be made via Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Can I cancel/apply for a refund?

All tickets are transferable, but non-refundable. So you can pass on your ticket to another attendee—and we’ll actually help you find someone else (if you can’t find another person). With limited invites and places, we believe that this shouldn’t be difficult.

To transfer your ticket, just email us from the registered email ID – and we’ll move super fast. No questions asked.

My company needs a GST compliant invoice. How Can I get one?

Once you have made a payment, you will be issued with a GST compliant invoice. Make sure to enter your GSTIN ID when making the payment.