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DesignUp 2016: An Overview

The 1st edition of the DesignUp Conference was a minimum-viable-event, focused on the Startup ecosystem. The event brought together UI, Ux, Product and Interaction Designers, Design and Business Students, Designer-founders, VCs, CEOs, Product Managers and Developers. From LadiesWhoUx to tiny unfunded startups, boutique studios and brands like Flipkart, Adobe, Philips, MakeMyTrip, TCS and more....
10 Things you didn’t know

“The aim is not to impress with scale”. This and more behind the scenes details from the YourStory article: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About DesignUp!

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DesignUp WrapUp

“An event that I would have certainly regretted if I had missed it. Glad I didn’t” says Microsoft Designer Arushi Singh in her blog post on DesignUp 2016

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Rewind to DesignUp 2016

Revisit the 2016 DesignUp site, featuring Ranga’s colourful illustrations, the speakers (we had 45% women speakers and workshop leaders) and more

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Video Recap

Here's a short selection of talks and video recaps from the 2016. The 1st Edition was focused on Design for startups—touching upon Product-Market-Fit (and the role of Design), Branding for Startups, Data and Design, Tackling unsexy Design problems, Design education to Careers & Hiring in the Interaction, UI, UX space and staying relevant—from pre-seed to Series C and beyond...
Recap of Day 1
Day 01 was dedicated to talks—around the key theme of Design in Startups. Close to 230 people ascended to the top floor of the French StartUp Accelerator – Numa on a warm November day. This “down to earth” place hosted a variety of speakers, many of them women!
Recap of Day 02
DesignUp Day 2 was dedicated to workshops – spread across multiple levels. From Prototyping in Framer and Adobe XD to Icon Design, Service Design, Magic of MVP and UX Research—there was a wide variety to choose from. A quick visual journey through the workshops, the people and the ‘Ask-us-anything’ sessions from Day 02…
Shoutout: From Attendees & Speakers…
Around Lunch on Day 2 of DesignUp, we asked our participants and speakers what they thought of the conference. Here’s what they had to say…
Jamie Myrold, VP Adobe Systems
Jamie, in a conversation with Jay Dutta, on how mature companies like Adobe fight to stay relevant, agile and competitive amidst relentless competition from bright, young startups with little legacy to hold them back!
Srivatsan Chari CoFounder ClearTax
A self-taught Designer, Srivatsan shares the Cleartax story of working through uniquely Indian Ux challenges in an unsexy problem-area like tax—en route to building one of India’s first YCombinator funded startups and a leader in the self-tax assessment space.
Aditi Kulkarni, Head of Design & UX – ‎ReferralCandy
Former Head of Ux at SaaS startup Postman, Aditi, shares the challenges and opportunities of working in a company whose primary products were almost invisible: APIs

DesignUp 2016 Partners

VC Firm SAIF Partners, MIT Pune's DesignGild and Delhi based GAIA Digital Design were the key sponsors - a host of other organisations pitched in!

The People of DesignUp

Eventually it's all about people—DesignUp is completely volunteer driven. From idea to execution, it took a breakneck 9.5 weeks. And the feedback was super encouraging: with 84% reconfirming they're very likely to be back, and 87% saying that they'll highly recommend DesignUp!