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At our big event in Nov 2019 in Bangalore, we are likely to see over 1400 attendees and expect over 400 more in the ‘satellite’ events. But numbers or scale is not our key success criteria (although one number we are proud of is zero – zero disposable plastic bottles, cutlery at the 2018 Conference). Beyond a point, larger events become impersonal and faceless. We are cognizant of that and therefore some soul searching, some changes and new formats we’re planning to try out.

Over the years the number of reasons to attend DesignUp Conference has grown significantly – as have the number of attendees, repeat visitors, organisations represented and countries they come from. In 2018, attendees came from over 250 organisations (Consulting, Product, MNCs, Startups, Schools – from Adobe to Zomato) from 14 countries – more than doubling from 2017. With The DesignUpFest – the reasons to attend will also go up.

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“Major shoutout to @DesignUpConf...one of the top design & tech conferences...It is taking the industry where it needs to go. If you haven’t attended, check it out.

Lauren Celenza, Senior Designer at Google

3 Reasons to Attend .

We didn't list the 29 more reasons
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Beyond UI-UX.

DesignUp isn’t just another UX/UI Conference. We showcase stories across the Design-in-Tech spectrum – shinning the light on tales of transformation, growth and impact, by Design: individual, or career groth, social impact, product transformation, impactful tools & techniques, to creating change across governance and civic services.

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Sharing to sowing.

We don’t just share ideas and insights – DesignUp is focused on bringing you insights you can action the next day or week – at work, in life or the community. It’s about going from talking to doing – wether it’s a challenge we throw to you—or you throw to yourself, your team or your neighbourhood. Sowing seeds of change is what matters!

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The 52 Week Recharge:
In a week.

Meet new ideas, re-connect with old friends and make new ones. Hear new perspectives, make friends with speakers over dinner. Visit studios, uncover insights, connect dots, and soak in the unique creative energy of DesignUp Get a mega creative recharge – enough to last you another 52 weeks!

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Attend as a...

An Individual

Meet like-minded folks from other organisations, freelancers or consultants. Reconnect with your tribe, grab your Confy Passes.

A Small Team

Are you a small studio or startup? Groups of 5-10 attendees get 15% off on TheConfy when booking online.

A Large team

We have special rates and packages for teams of 10 or more attendees. Write to team@designup.io for more details.

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