Param Venkataraman

Param has over 22 years’ experience in design and innovation leadership roles across companies like IDEO, Dr. Reddy’s, Kantar, GE Healthcare and Sapient Corporation. He began his career in Interaction design, transitioned into Design research & Strategy, and over the last decade, has been instrumental in setting up and establishing strategic design capabilities & culture in several organizations.

Param currently leads Design at Fractal across its consulting and product businesses. At Fractal, Param’s mandate is to build a global design team, working at the intersection of AI, Engineering, and Design, and to infuse design-centric culture and methods across the organization and its engagements. He is most excited about the opportunity to reimagine Human-centered Design in an AI-enabled world, and what that would mean for design practitioners and the world at large.

Before Fractal, Param set up and led Studio 5B (a design thinking & innovation Centre) at Dr Reddy’s, a leading pharmaceutical company. Studio 5B pioneered several opportunities & ideas across the pharma and healthcare landscape in the US, India, Russia, and Colombia – from digital health solutions for smoking cessation, to packaging to help in medication adherence, to service innovation for breast cancer patients & caregivers. Studio 5B was also instrumental in driving the culture of patient-centricity and innovation in internal and external touchpoints across Dr Reddy’s.

Some of the work led by Param is now a featured case study in IDEO U’s course on Designing for Change (

Param has served on the Executive Council in The Centre for Emerging Market Solutions at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. He is passionate about mindfulness and the ‘art of stillness.’ At the end of each year, he publishes a toolkit for applying Mindfulness and Design Thinking principles for personal reflections on the year went past, and to create a vision for the year ahead.