Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is a designer at Google Search. He oversees the user experience for search suggestions and autocomplete on all Google searchboxes (any time a user types a query anywhere on Google). Additionally, Hardik is working on the user experience of the Google Homepage.

In the age where access to information is power and the true leverage, the challenge of empowering billions of people to find information they seek everyday by building a product that works for everyone is what drives Hardik.

Hardik is an electrical engineer by education, but found his calling in design and started his career at Instamojo in Bangalore. Working through several small and large companies, Hardik joined Google as a designer on G Suite and eventually landed the role in Search in Mountain View.

Hardik spends time mentoring designers by sharing his own experiences. He loves sharing his thoughts on design industry and life as a designer in very large organizations.