Devika Krishnan

Devika is currently associated with for Dastkar Ranthambhor where she trains new groups of artisans. She is also involved with a path-breaking project called Commitment to Kashmir that is enabling young and eager Kashmiris to set up their crafts businesses – with suitable market linkages – to sustain themselves and those they employ. The project uses Design Thinking to solve the issue of unemployment and listlessness amongst the youth in the valley that’s in its 30th year of conflict. Devika has steadfastly worked towards empowering crafts-based livelihood enterprises like the Anu Life project and Joy at Work in the slums in Bangalore where women upcycle waste into trendy products, Shepherdcrafts in Kashmir that showcases Gujjar and Bakarwal crafts traditions. Devika sits at the intersection of a design thinking, environmentally-aware, and an-eye-for-the-entrepreneurial Venn diagram.

She works with budding microentrepreneurs in imparting and achieving the same – with desirable results. Devika Krishnan graduated in Ceramic Design from NID and holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Business Management from ISB, Hyderabad. She has worked as a studio potter and product designer for the Good Earth Store in Delhi and Ganjam, Titan and Tanishq in Bangalore and has been involved in the crafts sector with the Crafts Council of India, Dastkar, Porgai Artisans’ Association in Tamil Nadu, SEWA among others. She believes if each of us can reach out to at least one other person who isn’t half as fortunate and help her/him realise their worth, this world will be changed for the better, forever.