Here’s why you should go
Re-charge, Re-energise
Endless meetings, standups, sprints, deadlines: the perfect recipe for reactive, shallow solutions and repetitive formulaic output. Reboot is about disconneting and reconnecting: getting you re-inspired, re-energised to give your 150%
Deep Cross-Connections
In a world that needs creative interventions more than ever before—Reboot is about cross-connecting frontline tech with psychology and philosophy; pollinate evolving disciplines with methods of thinking, solutioning and implementing
Share, Learn, Teach
Reboot attendee list is carefully curated so you spend time with thought leaders, doers and accomplished professionals. It’s about learning and teaching, sharing experiences. Importantly, it’s about creating partnerships and friendships well beyond the event.
Multiplying Opportunities
We’re focused on long term outcomes: bring your questions, your half-finished road-maps and take-away insights, new maps, tactics and toolkits. And new ways of discovering, uncovering opportunities at the intersection of Design, Tech and Business.
DesignUp is Asia’s
invite-only Design Retreat.
Reboot picks up from where DesignUp Conference left off – from the inspiring, thoughtful talks around Ai, VR and AR, Games, Ux/Ui, MachineLearning, Immersive technologies, Systems Design and more. Reboot is hands-on co-creating, co-designing, problem-solving. And multiple conversations across 4 days.
We’ll pick out the fundamental and quintessential from the Designer’s vast toolkit—empathy, storytelling, design and systems thinking, enacting, envisioning and prototyping.

Island in the Indian Ocean


Inspiring Days


Accomplished Professionals: Designers, Devs, Artists


Hours of talks, workshops, deep-dives, discussions, debates, presentations

Mentors & Speakers
Some talks, immersive hands-on participatory sessions, deep-dives and long conversations over dinner. We bring a set of frameworks – you bring the problems and questions—from your workplace, industry and life. Unlike a conference, this is more organic, much more participatory.
Alysha Naples
CXO, Tin Drum | Former Sr Dir of Ux, MagicLeap | Adjunct Faculty, California College of Arts
Alysha Naples has spent a lot of time in the future, simultaneously pushing the frontiers of design within emerging tech while forging the path to adoption within industry and education. Having shaped design teams at Blurb, Teague, and Magic Leap, Alysha believes transformative companies require an investment in nurturing authentic leaders and work cultures. She is at her best when sharing vision, building teams and culture, and helping others understand their gifts and realise their goals. Alysha has spoken across four continents about design, education, innovation, diversity and AR/VR, and delivered one of the most talked-about and applauded talks of DesignUp 2017.
Session: Coaching for Creative Leadership
The ascent of design has increased the importance of design leadership. As we grow in our careers, we face new and unfamiliar terrain with little preparation and a fair bit of doubt. Learn how to convert challenges into opportunities for increased self-knowledge and growth with Alysha Naples.
Giles Colborne
CEO, CX Partners, Bristol | Business Mentor, Speaker, Co-Chair, IA Summit | Author of bestselling “Simple And Usable”
Giles co-founded cxpartners in 2004. Since then, it has grown to one of the world’s leading independent experience design consultancies working on next generation experience design and generating hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for companies such as Marriott, eBay and AXA. His book, ‘Simple and Usable’, has sold tens of thousands of copies in Europe and North America and has been translated into Chinese and Korean. Giles is former president of the UPA, co-chair of IA Summit, and UX Awards judge.
Session: Decoding Advanced Simplicity
Organizations get the design they deserve. They seek something simple and effective, but get something that’s muddled, ugly and broken. Join Giles Colborne to see how this can be fixed from deep within.
Arvind Lodaya
Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Activist | Visiting Professor, IIT-K and AUD | Innovation Mentor, SELCO Foundation
An Industrial Designer by training, Arvind has been at the front end of multiple disciplines from advertising to social-impact to service design and innovation. His many lives in the field of Design have seen him as a Creative Director at Ogilvy, Dean for the Srishti School of Design, Consultant for Ernst and Young, and Trainer at Impact Business Leaders, Indian School of Business and IIT. He has also taught and mentored designers, management students and business consultants across continents in systems design, design thinking, and design for change and social impact. Arvind has spoken extensively in India, US and Europe on Design Education, Learning and Social Change, and has also designed the ubiquitous symbol celebrating India’s 50th Anniversary of Independence!
Session: Untangling Wicked Problems
‘Wicked problems’ are the ones which invariably get us stuck. They’re the overwhelming ones– a complex web of dependencies, missing pieces, contradictions and infinite possibilities. Arvind Lodaya will help you grow the ‘creative confidence’ to take on the big, hairy problems
Charbel Semaan
Sprint Facilitator & Trainer, Sprintwell | Mentor, 500 Startups | Ex-Google
After 20 years designing, teaching, and mentoring for Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Stanford University, and global startups, Charbel now empowers organizations to unlock innovation in their people, products, and processes. SoundHound, Springs Global, Indigo, Vital Strategies, and the former head of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Obama administration) have used sprints with Charbel to go from idea to impact. When Charbel isn’t running a design sprint or teaching sprints at General Assembly, he’s cooking for his family and producing episodes of his podcast Made in Public, a show about creative confidence through design experiments. Charbel earned his B.A. in Economics from Stanford University and M.A. in Leadership from St. Mary’s College of California.
Session: Mastering Design Sprints
Need to break out of a decision deadlock within the team? Ready to innovate but don’t know where to start? Master the science of prototyping and validating ideas in minutes or days– not months– with Charbel Semaan, using the battle-tested Google Ventures Design Sprint.
Invest in inspired learning

DesignUp Reboot is for experienced practitioners. Design, Product and Business leaders who are tasked with leading new initiatives, leading innovation charters, teams and complex projects. Reboot is a deep dive into eclectic tools, methods and processes of working to create visible impact. Stellar company, inspiring venue and stunning sunsets included.

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