Stay? Refund? Parking? We’ve the answers…

Venue, Stay, Access

What’s the DesignUp venue this year?

We’re at at the ITC Gardenia, we couldn’t find a more central location for you – with ample parking (and valet parking). Cross the road to Bangalore’s lungs: Cubbon Park! Or walk over to numerous pubs, breweries, UB City (with more restaurants and pubs).

Cross the road to Bangalore’s lungs: Cubbon Park! Or walk over to numerous pubs, breweries and to UB City (with more restaurants and pubs).

Or may we suggest a more scenic route through the park to the imposing Parliament – the Vidhana Soudha.

Is it disabled friendly?

Delighted to say YES! Do let us know in advance if you need any special support – mail us team@designup.io

What are the places to stay while attending DesignUp?

Check these (and more) at TripAdvisor or MakeMyTrip.

Recommendation and discount code for stay?

You’ll get special rates with a highly reviewed/rated 4 Star Hotel Adarsh Hamilton, that’s barely 500 meters and a 5 min walk away from the venue. Use the code DesignUp2017 for an awesome discounted breakfast and wifi inclusive pricing.

To book, email: sales@adarshhamilton.com or call Renu (0091) 080-43595747

Tickets: Refunds, tranfers

Are tickets refundable, cancellable?

Plans change, stuff happens – we understand that!

So All Star & Premium tickets are refundable upto 70% of base price, until October 31st, 2017

We can’t refund the taxes (we don’t take them anyway). Any refunds will be processed after Nov 15th!

Super Early Birds, Early Birds and Student Tickets are heavily discounted – they’re non-refundable but you can transfer them.

Transfers are available between 31st October and 5th November – email at team@designup.io copying in the person you want to transfer it to!

Are there any free tickets?

Like they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch 😉 We have a few complimentary tickets for our partners, media and sponsors. But none other to give away in this edition.


How Do I choose Workshops

If you bought a workshops+talks pass – you will be sent a mail to log into Sched (www.sched.com), once we’re ready with al workshop details. You log into Sched and are ready to go to select workshops – there’ll be a limit on each workshop (our workshop leaders specify the limits) and it’s a first come first serve.

Why First-come-first-serve?

As any other conference anywhere in the world, ours too is a first-come-first-serve approach to workshops. In some you need to line up, in some you need to physically fill in a form at the venue—and at DesignUp, we let all attendees know via email that we’ll be opening the schedule system soon.
So we send out emails 24-48 hours before the registrations for workshops open. And we don’t stop there – we sent reminders, again! We pester you a lot.

Why do you want people to register online? Why not at the venue?

Not only do we closely watch our workshop ticket numbers, we have closely check how these are getting filled up. We can do it online and in advance much better.

We proactively move the bestselling workshops to bigger venues – if the workshop leader agrees. So in some cases we have added extra capacity within a matter of hours looking at the trends. But the workshop leader has to agree too – and sometimes they won’t.
Also at the venue it creates a ruckus and chaos as we are dealing with large numbers!

Why Sched?

We used it in 2016 and it may have it’s occasional bugs, but it’s the best we have seen so far (unless you can refer us another). It’s not built by us and we pay a hefty fee to use it every year!

Why attend?

I am not a Designer, should I attend DesignUp?

  • A big YES…
  • If you want to use Design as a differentiator, this event is for you.
  • If you work with any aspect of Design (Service Design, Conversational Interfaces, Chat Bots, Ux, Interaction, AR, VR, Communication, Interaction, Motion Design et al) or with Designers, then this event is for you to get learn, to know and to get inspired!
  • If you’re an Engineer (or Data Scientist, or…) looking to switch to Design roles, then this DesignUp is definitely the place to get a solid foundation!
  • Our lineup is a mix of Designers, CEOs (past and present), Co-founders, Hackers, learners and Product folks – an eclectic mix to learn from

Why should a Designer attend DesignUp?

  • DesignUp is at the overlap of Design, Tech and Business.
  • DesignUp is for you to see, sample and reflect upon various aspects of a designer’s role and opportunities in all sorts of orgs!
  • Get to understand expectations of Design from C-suite (CEOs, CTOs, CXOs), to designing with data and analytics, learning on the job, effectively using branding, prototyping, user research and so much more.
  • It’s also a place for you to meet Designers, swap stories, dreams and ideas
  • And a place to find mentors a whole lot of other people from different ecosystems
  • Plus, skillUp with our range of hands-on workshops!

I am not a UX or Interaction Designer, should I attend DesignUp?

  • DesignUp is a perfect place to get to know about Design in Tech – from Ux, UI, User Research to Interaction Design – in short, all forms of Design in Tech Startups, Digital Services and MNCs that are tech-focused
  • In short it’s a perfect place to start in UX Design and get oriented
  • This event is for you to see, sample and reflect upon various aspects of a Designer’s role
  • Plus, SkillUp with hands-on workshops!

Things to see and do, around Bangalore


How can I support DesignUp?

That’s kind of you! You can help by:

  • Spreading the word, via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, in person!
  • If you work for an awesome company, you could persuade them to sponsor some part of the event!
  • Adding to some of our sections—like things-to-do in Bangalore during the time! Keep following us on Twitter/Facebookand you’ll find our requests-for-help there!
  • During and esp post event we’ll need your feedback on making the event 10x better!

How do I volunteer for DesignUp?

Thats fabulous—DesignUp is run by volunteers, they’re the people powering the event. Currently looks like we may have a full house. But if there’s a special talent you have (creating Sketchnotes for instance), we would love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at team@designup.io

Code of Conduct

Does DesignUp have a Code of Conduct?

Yes, very simply—

  • Be considerate and respectful of other cultures, backgrounds and perspectives
  • Maintain a professional manner and refrain from harassment or exclusionary behavior toward other members
  • Endeavor to resolve misunderstandings directly, through open dialogue and respectful feedback
  • Notify the organizers or moderators if you feel you have experienced harassment or have witnessed the harassment of others